As spring time arrives and summer is just around the corner, many of you will be hitting the gym more or harder, and some of you may be getting back into the work out saddle. And some of you just may use the change of seasons as a motivation to change up your workouts with new routines, interjecting some new moves, etc., This can include adding exercises to strengthen under utilized or overlooked muscle groups like those for your grip (Improve Your Grip, Improve Your Confidence). Just remember don’t get ahead of yourself, set out a reasonable plan, pay attention to your body–and stay consistent.

All too often we reach for the pain or joint relief when we over did it and it’s a bit late–since we did not take time to take care of ourselves. Of course as you change up your workout, push yourself a bit harder or are hitting the restart button–and even for those who with the warmer weather are going to be out and about on their bikes, hiking, climbing, running and motorcycle rides, etc, there will be a change in how your muscles and joints react. It’s normal to feel a bit sore or fatigued.

To keep the consistency in your work out or activity–and to keep building on what you are doing and how long you are doing it, you need to take care of yourself. If you are looking for a natural remedy that you can topically use vs taking pain relief pills or using over medicated or smelly lotions, work into your routine a post work out massage using Warrior Rx.

Warrior Rx Joint and Muscle rub is an all natural remedy that gets to the source of your discomfort quickly–and it lasts. Plus combined with some light massage techniques it can keep you feeling good–helping reduce inflammation–so you keep up your workout routine and stay physically active.

Here is an example. In Improve your Grip, Improve Your Confidence (Improve Your Grip, Improve Your Confidence), we talked about why having a strong and healthy grip is important and gave you some exercises to work into your workout routines. If your hands, wrists and forearms are a bit tender from these exercises–which will be normal–apply Warrior Rx to the surrounding areas and gently massage using your thumb and fingers. Use slow circular motions moving away from the body to move the discomfort away/out of your body. Apply slight pressure as you massage.

Start with your forearm. Rest your arm comfortably on a table or pillow, or on your lap. Apply a few drops of Warrior Rx and using your thumb and fingers make small circular and rubbing motions, slowly moving toward the wrist.

As you get to the wrist, apply a few more drops of Warrior Rx and now massage the circumference of your wrist continuing out to your hand. Now move to the heel of your hand (the part of your hand between the bottom of your thumb and your wrist) working through to your thumb, and moving to the top of the hand, again slowing progressing out to the fingertips. Keep the massage motion steady and continuously work away or move away from the body to your fingertips.

This should take about 5 minutes. Worked into your daily routine you will feel the benefits of not only Warrior Rx, but of a massage that increases the blood flow to sore muscles and joints–while practicing relaxing and pain relief techniques used for centuries. You can use massage techniques for other sore muscle groups and joints as well. Just remember to keep the massage motion moving out or away from your body. We hope you found this information useful, and we would love to hear from you as you embrace the physical warrior in you!