WarriorRx Muscle & Joint Pain Rub

All natural topical joint and muscle pain relief rub

Pain Relief

WarriorRx Muscle and Joint Pain Rub instantly penetrates the skin and begins reducing inflammation by eliminating toxins and impurities that have formed and gathered there. This product also contains several natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that flood the area and immediately and dramatically reduce burning pain, soreness and discomfort. It increases circulation and promotes faster healing in the affected area.

Type: Topical rub
Dosage: 3-5 drops
Frequency: As needed
Price: $24.99

  • Immediate joint and muscle pain relief
  • Allows your joints and muscles to start healing
  • Ensures healthy joints that are in a sea of protective fluid that reduces friction between cartilage and other tissues and protects joint’s flexibility
  • Slows and prevents osteoarthritis
  • Speeds the healing process
  • Reduces swelling and bruising
  • Revitalizes tired muscles
  • Prevents soreness after exercising
  • Relieves and reduces pain from tendonitis
  • Reduces pain of carpal-tunnel syndrome
  • Relieves muscle cramps
  • Works on contact with no messy residue
  • Works on all types of joint pain, including wrist, knee, hip and back
Arnica Oil This herb is quite simply amazing when it comes to speeding up the healing of joint sprains and muscle strains. Research also shows that it helps bruises heal faster.
Cayenne Pepper Used by Native Americans for over 9,000 years, cayenne acts to eliminate, or “burn up,” substance P – a compound that carries pain messages to your brain. Your skin will tingle a bit when applied but then that sensation will vanish along with your pain.
DMSO Is a near-perfect solvent and transporter which forms the backbone of the Warrior Rx formula by providing the foundation that maximizes the effectiveness of the other ingredients. DMSO is widely known to multiply chemical reactions – that’s why you only need a few drops of Warrior RX to experience incredible results.
Emu Oil This herb has been used to loosen congestion that may occur due to a cough or cold, and to treat and prevent and soothe gastrointestinal irritations and inflammations along with ulcerations of the stomach.

  • Emu Oil eliminates  inflammation caused by arthritis joint swelling and bone abrasion due to lack of cartilage in just 14 days.
Menthol An effective pain reliever, menthol has been shown in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology and the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity to be among the world’s most effective pain-relievers for osteoarthritis.
MSM Delivers pain relief and promotes healthy circulation, which in turn helps your strains and sprains heal faster.
St. John’s Wort Oil Used by battlefield physicians in ancient Rome, this substance hastens the healing process.

Along with the above ingredients, WarriorRx Muscle and Joint Pain Rub also contains the uniquely beneficial ingredients Calendula Oil, Ginger, Limonene Oil, Olive Oil and Wintergreen all in a special proprietary blend that works together to fight all kinds of pain on contact.

USES: Soothing relief to joint and muscle aches, pains and sprains.

SUGGESTED USE: Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Apply 2-5 drops to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily. Wash hands before and after use. Children under 2 years of age: Consult a physician.

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

WARNING: For external use only. May produce temporary skin irritation, please discontinue use if this occurs. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Do not apply heat after using this product.

When using this product: Avoid contact with eyes and do not bandage tightly. Stop use and ask a doctor if discomfort worsens, or if it persists more than 7 days, or clears up and reoccurs again within a few days.

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Given that no two people are alike if you are taking any medications you should be aware the potential drug-nutrient interactions may occur and are encouraged to consult a health care professional before using this product.