Our Story

As martial artists who train hard and work through sore muscles and joint pain daily, as well as who were constantly battling bruises and strains—but who did not want to use medications or use products that had preservatives, artificial flavors and starches—we set out to find all-natural remedies that were safe and effective. There were limited choices in the market and those we tried just did not work.

So, we tapped into our martial arts training, including our studies and experiences in Eastern remedies and put them into action, creating our first product, WarriorRx Joint and Muscle Pain Rub in 2010. Through our customers, we learned that this product was not only effective for sore muscles and joints or bruises from training, but it was effective on alleviating arthritis pain and stiffness, gout, cramps and post-surgery soreness.

We also knew there was a need for a natural product that could improve strength, decrease recovery time and increase endurance—without short term gain that had long term loss in health and wellness. This led us on our journey to produce our Deer Antler Velvet Extract product.  Deer antler velvet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and we were proud to add this to our product offerings.

We also knew the importance of staying focused and keeping mental capacities strong and in-tact, especially as we age. Once again we set out on a journey to find a unique but safe and effective blend of all-natural ingredients that improve focus, attention, concentration, clarity and memory—benefiting not only athletes but people from all walks of life. WarriorRx Focus was this supplement!

At WarriorRx we are dedicated to living life to its fullest through a healthy lifestyle of eating smart and keeping your body and mind active. We also know that with keeping the body in motion sometimes you need a natural, safe and effective remedy to work on those sore and tired muscles and joints. We know that keeping your mind sharp and being able to have clarity and focus is a desired state and having a supplement to enable this safely and naturally is important.

At WarriorRx we strive to help others embrace their inner warrior through a strong body, mind and soul and with the use of safe, natural and effective supplements.  We hope you join us in this journey and enjoy health and wellness every day.