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The classic wing chun dummy with a closed base made with traditional measures. It is designed for people of all ages and levels who like to train at home or at martial art studios and schools.

Our Wooden Dummies are made in a  traditional studio and not produced in a series.  It comes ready to start training.



Main of solid wood to withstand all manners of strikes.

Trunk Wood: Temple Pillar Wood

Arms Wood: Marble Wood

Leg Wood: Mahogany Wood


Measurements (approximate)

  • Diameter – 21 cm. Length – 1.4 meters.
  • Arm length – 29.5 cm.
  • Distance between two top arms (from middle of arms tip) – 21 cm when open, 19 cm when closed.
  • From top of dummy to top of 1st opening – 25 cm. (This may vary on longer trunks)
  • From bottom of bottom hole of top arms to top of middle arm 23 cm
  • Dimension of arm holes – 4 cm.
  • Arms tip – 3.5 cm.
  • Arms base – 5.5 cm.
  • Top of the dummy leg from end to center of knee is 30 cm.
  • From center of knee to bottom is 42 cm.
  • Cross section of the leg is 7 cm by 8 cm (approx.), and slightly bigger at the knee.



Estimated: 32 kg / 70 lbs

The arms and leg account for approx 9 kg of the weight. Weight is taken at the time of packing. The weight may be more or less when you receive it due to the humidity of the warehouse and your area, difference in scales, etc.



This dummy ships from our USA warehouse.


Easy Assembly:

Can be set up in minutes.