About Us

My name is Tim Sain. My friends and I are a group of martial arts athletes that decided to pool our resources to develop a revolutionary & safe muscle and joint pain relief formula called Warrior Rx. We have been training together for some time, and we made it a point to create the best muscle and joint pain relief rub on the market today for ourselves and others who experience the same pains we do.

Constantly battling bruises, muscle aches, strains and pains we all use it on practically a daily basis. We have a history of trying all kinds of pain rubs, especially the more popular ones on the market which I’m sure you’ve heard of and probably even tried as well. Always looking to improve upon things and not satisfied with what we saw and used on the market, we decided to take things further.

Being that we practice martial arts, and have experience in the Chinese kung fu as well, we even created our own liniment (or jow) using Chinese herbs and an old recipe we had. As we mentioned on our pain rub page, it came out pretty damn good, but it really had an overpowering scent that took several showers to eliminate so we decided to take things to the next level.

Long story short, it led to the creation of our Warrior Rx Muscle & Joint Pain Relief rub, which we feel is an improvement upon any thing we ever used previously. As we like to put it, it’s ‘Strong Enough for Serious Athletes, Without Popping Dangerous Pain Killers’… because frankly we don’t like to take things that have long term harmful effects on our bodies (or short term for that matter). It absorbs quickly and easily and has a revolutionary blend of ingredients that delivers pain relief directly to the source.

Since we introduced our Warrior Rx Muscle & Joint Pain rub back in 2010, we have gotten some amazing feedback about how much people love it and how much it helps. We have since then decided to create another product that filled a need for me personally at the time when I got injured playing soccer. It was also a supplement I came to later find out some of my other friends had already used before.

I should not have been too surprised since a lot of my friends are into all kinds of new and traditional training and fitness regimens. They take all kinds of health supplements to help boost performance and stay in peak physical condition.

This second product we created is our Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract. It’s a supplement that we use daily to help build lean muscle mass, speed up recovery time, increase libido and help boost energy and strength… and so far the feedback from friends and customers alike has been kick ass to say the least. We felt if we created one product that we use and works great, we can do it again.

We don’t advocate or promote anything we don’t do or use ourselves.

This goes not only for the products we sell and stand by, but in everything we do in life. This is something that I learned early on from one of the best martial arts teachers I ever had and it’s a philosophy I live by to this day.

We recently launched our latest product – Warrior Rx Focus, which is an all natural daily supplement for improved focus, attention, concentration, clarity & memory. Having a product that helps promote strong mental focus and clarity is an area that not only athletes can tremendously benefit from, but people in many other fields of endeavor can as well to maximize their mental brain power for optimal results.

We love our customers and do our best to provide the best customer service and products possible. No matter what you are doing in life or how active you are, we have found that our products work for a wide range of people in all stages of life. We’ve actually got quite a number of orders for our pain rub from people suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel, gout and many other ailments we didn’t really think of when we created it.

This has inspired us to share our knowledge and create more products that we already use but feel can be improved upon… so stay tuned! The best way to do this is to follow our Facebook page and blog.  We have some great content there already and we are always expanding our body of knowledge by having more and more of our friends contribute. They have expertise in a variety of areas ranging from martial arts, mindset and smarter training, strength training enhancement, natural healing, sports nutrition, aging warriors, pain management & more.

We love being active in a variety of areas and above all staying as healthy as possible so we can remain active in life. At Warrior Rx, we are committed to helping create positive transformations in our customers lives by providing the best products in pain relief, peak performance enhancement and recovery supplements on the market today.


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