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Who Else is Ready to Increase Strength, Lean Muscle Mass, Decrease Recovery Time & Take Their Game to the Next Level?

If you’re a hardcore athlete who wants to improve strength output, increase lean muscle mass, decrease recovery time and take your endurance threshold to the next level, discover how Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract can work for you.

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Designed by martial arts athletes, Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract is the perfect supplement to help you achieve your performance goals. Most athletes and even weekend warriors are looking for that extra competitive edge to help boost their performance and break through fitness plateaus. It’s what we do, training in our respective arts, sport and hitting the gym for hours everyday… pushing our bodies to the limit and beyond.

This isn’t the best tasting stuff out there, but we didn’t create it to taste good but to be effective. So if you can get past that so you can enjoy the rapid results we have it’s definitely worth it. Also you’ll see a noticeable boost in your vigor and sexual prowess in the bedroom, which is always a plus in my book.

However… over my 25 + years as a dedicated martial artist, gym rat and sports enthusiast I know from deep experience that all successful athletes in the game take supplements that help them get a competitive edge. Also, I know many people also put all kinds of questionable things in their body that make me cringe and that I wouldn’t take even if you paid me.

We Created Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet to be Safe, Yet Effective

That being said, I am not about trading short term gain for long term loss, especially at the cost of my health and neither should you. In fact, I am all about longevity and staying young and healthy. So since I only put natural ingredients in my body that have shown to have positive results, my friends and I started looking into what type of natural supplements can do this.

I first heard about deer antler velvet when ex-football player Ray Lewis allegedly took it to help heal is triceps injury in his last year of playing. He denied using it, since deer antler velvet is banned by several professional sporting bodies because of it’s muscle building and performance enhancing effects. I didn’t make much of it at the time since I was healthy and in peak physical condition.

That all changed when this past year I fell & sprained my shoulder badly playing soccer. I wanted something to help me recover faster and that would also help me get back in fighting shape so to speak while I was healing.

Since I was in healing mode I wasn’t working out nearly as much, I started getting a gut! I’ve always been pretty lean and muscular and this was all new to me, I was not happy about it. And I had to admit that my metabolism was not what it used to be.

After doing extensive research, I ended up buying some deer antler velvet extract from a company I found online. I noticed some results fairly quickly in just the first few weeks of taking it. Deer Antler Velvet has been used medicinally in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years for a variety of purposes including increased sexual desire and sexual performance. Body builders and professional athletes use it as well to increase and maintain muscle health and endurance.

What Exactly Deer Antler Velvet Is, And How It Works

It contains IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which is a hormone produced by the liver that plays a key role in childhood growth. This continues to have an anabolic effect in adults, which just means continued cellular growth and regeneration. Our natural human growth hormone (or HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland and released into the blood stream which stimulate the liver to produce IGF-1.

So since our levels of growth hormone and IGF-1 decrease as we age, we lose the vitality, energy and youthfulness we once had. Supplementing with IGF-1 is the way to go to help restore that energy, vitality and slow down the aging process.

Having the competitive and entrepreneurial spirit, I am always looking to improve. After doing extensive research of all the different supplements on the market today, we found that deer antler velvet extract was the way to go.

Since my friends and I already had formed our own company and created Warrior Rx Muscle & Joint Pain Relief, which people love, we decided to create our own deer antler velvet extract that was better than anything else on the market, and the result is the Maximum Strength Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract.

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With Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract you can:

  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Improve Strength
  • Increase Endurance Threshold
  • Decrease Recover Time
  • Increase Blood Supply & Circulation
  • Boost Protein Synthesis
  • Improve Sexual Function & Performance
  • Prevent & Reduce Inflammation
  • Greater Joint Health & Mobility
  • Increased HGH Production (IGF-1)
  • Slow the Aging Process
  • Increase Energy Levels

Whether or not you’ve tried other deer antler velvet extract products before, Warrior Rx is a 300 mg maximum strength proprietary formula of natural power packed herbs, vitamins, amino acids and pure deer antler velvet extract that is like non other on the market today.

It’s easy to take, just 5 sprays taken orally in the morning and 5 sprays at night. It assimilates easily in the body since it’s a liquid. And you’ll see results quickly. For me, it took me a few weeks, but several of my friends saw results in just a few days.

Also as I mentioned earlier, I am very particular and careful about what I put in my body so we made sure our formula is safe. Studies have shown no side-effects of this natural product, but of course always check with your doctor before taking any new supplement, ours included. Our deer antler velvet is humanely harvested from deer at the peak time in their growing, pre-calcified state. No deer are harmed during the procedure.

So just imagine having more energy and more strength to push yourself even harder during your work outs, outlast your competition and look leaner and more defined in the coming weeks being eager to look at yourself in the mirror. Also, the positive benefits you’ll experience in the bedroom are a nice bonus, your partner will thank you for it.

Warrior Rx™ VIP Club

A 30 day supply of Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract normally costs $59.99 and is now on sale for $39.99. But, if you choose to get the auto ship option you will be automatically enrolled in the Warrior Rx VIP Club where you get your first full month supply at half of the current sale price for just $19.99! Every month after you’ll receive an entire 30 day supply of Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract at that same low price automatically shipped out to you–saving you time and money!

As an added bonus of joining, you will have access to get our revolutionary Warrior Rx Muscle & Joint Pain Relief topical rub for just $12.99, which is half off our current sales price! If you suffer from any muscle or joint pain or just train hard and need the relief, this all natural, holistic product is for you!

You will also be eligible to order our brand new Warrior Rx Focus product for half off our current sale price of $35.99– for only $17.99 if you join the club! If you are interested in an all-natural supplement of high-potency ingredients that work together to boost mental focus, attention, clarity and memory and promote long-term brain health, you will definitely want to take advantage of this offer.

You get this amazing deal as long as you stay a club member. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

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Take a Look at What Some of Our Customers Have to Say:

“Throughout my life I have prided myself on being active–trying and enjoying all sports and physical activities–giving 100% in all I do and pushing myself to new levels of performance and achievement. As a martial artist, it is such a part of what I do and who I am. And taking a break or not trying new things is just not in my DNA. But sometimes, this level of discipline and drive can take its toll on the body. In looking for an all natural supplement to help with recovery time and to increase my stamina, I gave Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract a try. And the results are profound! In addition to the benefits of faster muscle repair and whole body energy, I have seen an increase in lean muscle, my body feels lighter and more flexible and I’m even more mentally alert. Now that’s a powerful combination–being physically and mentally “on!”  And what’s so important to me–that Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract has–is it’s a natural formula packed with herbs, amino acids and pure deer antler velvet extract. This is an amazing product that delivers amazing results!” – Bob Luttrell

“Warrior Rx is awesome… getting good results with weight training and calisthenics while rehabbing from my rib injury.”  – Roa K.

“I tore my rotator cuff playing baseball and was out of commission for a while.  I was always pretty lean and in shape but started gaining some weight which was new to me while healing and taking it easy. My metabolism isn’t what it used to be, so I started taking Warrior Rx deer antler velvet when I could start work out again and was able get my abs back and get my strength back faster than I thought possible. Great stuff, I am still using it to push myself even further now in workouts and keep my momentum going.”  – Paul Janus

“Been using WarriorRx deer antler velvet for a few months now, energy levels are up, body is more defined from my workouts and my sex drive feels like I am in my twenties again, good stuff.” – Rich Parrish

“Truck Driver by Day–King of BBQ by Night (and weekends). I admit it. I burn the candle at both ends at two intense jobs that take their toll on the body–especially as I’m getting older.

So a good friend of mine–a workout warrior–told me about deer antler velvet extract for treatment for joint inflammation, boosting the immune system and healing of sore muscles. At first I said I’m no athlete–but when you look at it, I’m pushing my body to limits and have similar issues–and the one I was really concerned about was mental alertness. Hey, being on the road I need to make sure I’m safe and those driving around me are safe. So I gave it a shot–using Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract. What a difference it made!! Within a week of taking it daily–through a real easy mouth spray–I was feeling 100% better. I had new energy and more stamina, my sore muscles and aches and pains were less and I just felt more “on” and awake! It really has made a big difference in my world–and now I have more energy to pour into my BBQ business–which at this pace will get me out of the truck driving gig. So for those hard-working warriors, give it a try–you’ll be amazed!” – Ron O.

“I was looking to get leaner and more toned, especially in my midsection. Been hitting the gym pretty regularly but still didn’t see the results I wanted. I started taking Warrior Rx deer antler velvet for a few months now and I am much leaner and defined! I am inspired to work out more as I have a noticeable uptick in energy and drive.” – Jim Standowski


We are so confident that our Maximum Strength Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract will work for you just as it does for us, we are offering a 90 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, simply resend the unused portion back to us within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked. This is plenty of time for you to see the real results we have, so you have nothing to lose.

We’ve done our homework, hired the best lab in the country and put together the highest quality blend of ingredients we can offer in what we believe is the best deer antler velvet extract supplement on the market today – Warrior Rx.

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Tim Sain

P.S. We recently had our formula ‘upgraded’ so to speak so that it is stronger and more potent, hence the more bitter taste, but we’ll take results over taste any day.

P.P.S Our Warrior Rx Deer Antler Velvet Extract works just as good for the weekend warrior as it does for the hardcore fitness enthusiast and remember you have nothing to lose with our 90 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.